In brief, these services can be used to manage any process.
Focusing on:

Cost Control and Certainty
Identification and Allocation of Risks
High Quality        
Value for Money

Resulting in a clear definition of the project's objectives and requirements
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Road Freight with specialist services including UK, Ireland to East Europe and beyond;
Air Freight including daily distribution to all major gateways;
Ocean forwarding to and from the world’s major marketplaces including USA, China & India;
Export Packing with packing and packaging custom designed to comply to all requirements.

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Project Management

As part of our business, we offer our customers purchasing & supply
chain project management services. Our executives can be in place
and working effectively within one or two weeks. These cost effective
project management services include :

competitive research
factory relocation or evaluating potential new suppliers
Expediting, Inspection & Quality Assurance

Milestone Management considers expediting as a continuous process
commencing at the time the order is placed through to the final
delivery of goods to the customer's site.

Pre-order awards surveys
Auditing (third party quality audits)  & surveillance inspection
Non-destructive testing
Supplier evaluation - can include the supplier’s Quality System,
Traceability, Capacity, Current Workload, Client Base, Number
of Personnel and their Qualifications.
Expediting services from contract award - material receipt -
process  - ensuring that final delivery of goods and
documentation to the job site is achieved within the shortest
possible time frame.
Manpower Recruitment

Milestone Management offers a professional HR, recruitment,
selection and provides engineers, supervisors, technicians (i.e.
Mechanics, drivers, operators, welders, fabricators, plumber,
electricians, carpenters, helpers etc.), skilled, semiskilled & unskilled
work forces to different industries for their projects in the CEE region.

Oil & Gas Industries & Refineries
Refineries & Pipelines Projects
Engineering & Construction Projects
Operation & Maintenance Projects
Heavy Engineering & Fabrication Projects
Health Care Industry
Transport & Logistics
Freight Forwarding & Logistics

Milestone Management  offers a wide array of integrated logistics
planning and management services. Our team of logistics managers
practice the skills and leadership needed to solve and execute the most
complex logistics support issues.

We estimate, plan, implement, execute, and close-out European
support for a variety of industries.
We offer transport solutions for all industries, by road, ship or air.
Outsourcing (Material - resources - facility - product)

Companies everywhere are under increasing pressure to reduce
costs and improve efficiency. Milestone Management helps you
lower your costs. Framework of what we offer you:

Identify your specific requirements in line with your needs  
(lead times, budget, etc…)
Identify suppliers (Through our extensive network of partners
and suppliers)
Define, agree and launch the action plan with you
Management and local follow-up with suppliers
End – to – end management of your outsourcing project  -  
from specification to delivery
The product is manufactured to your specifications and
quality assurance procedures
Virtual Assistance

With travel budgets slashed and overseas corporate tabs under
scrutiny, virtual assistance is proving a cheaper alternative for
traveling executives. It proves less expensive for someone in the
destination country to make arrangements in the local language,
rather than someone ringing from overseas.

Milestone Management offers virtual assistance for those who
new to the Central Eastern European region, advise on the
positive and negatives on doing business in the CEE
organising your visit, planning events, bookings. (Flights,
hotels, car rentals etc.). We can cater for all your needs
including financial services, translations etc.

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